Welcome to the North Jersey Center for Anxiety and Stress Management

Our aim is to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment for anxiety and related conditions, in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion.

About the Founder / Director

I am a clinical psychologist (Ph.D.) specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy. I am a Diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy with 15 years of experience providing evidence-based treatments for a range of issues, including anxiety and related conditions.

Dr. Dobrow DiMarco discusses her approach to treatment

What is anxiety?

“Anxiety” and “stress” are terms that get thrown around a lot these days. Different people experience anxiety differently. For some, anxiety is a chronic condition that can best be characterized …

What can help?

Fortunately, there is an evidence-based treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, that has now been shown in countless research studies to be extremely effective for anxiety management…

Who can help?

At the North Jersey Center for Anxiety and Stress Management, we provide the latest evidence-based treatments in an atmosphere of care and compassion….